We host themed retreats with the objective of providing lessons and activities tailored to the particular needs of the participants and their collective situation. Fika Retreats are unique not only because of the transformation that occurs during the retreats themselves, but also because of the continued support between each retreat. The Fika Retreats are designed to be a series, because we believe that deep, long-lasting wellness takes consistent, sustained effort. We have all experienced the boost in motivation, creativity, and sense of wellbeing that comes from pretty much any retreat. And we have also experienced the inevitable return to autopilot living, perhaps retaining some of the knowledge and behavior tweaks but in essence returning to status quo, either gradually, or because life trips us up, so we return to what feels most familiar. Therefore, we have designed our retreats around the belief that we need, and crave, consistent connection with a peer group and coaches who get us, and also challenge us in a supportive way. A tribe that reminds us of what is possible, and what we really want, as we broaden our comfort zone and internalize new coping skills. So while participants are able to choose which retreats to attend, we encourage you to commit to an ongoing awakening, by registering for retreats and adding them to your calendar. We invite you to browse the themes listed below. The overarching objective of our retreats is to remind you of as well as teach you basic principles of self-care, which so often get lost in the busyness and knee-jerk reactions and constant striving characteristic of modern living.

While each retreat varies in theme and demographic, the retreats share a common flow. Depending on the length of the retreat (some are a half day, some a full day or multi-day), participants can expect the following at each event:

  • Peaceful, private setting with no distractions

  • Time allotted for yoga, meditation, journaling

  • Facilitated discussion groups

  • Delicious, healthy meals prepared on-site with fresh ingredients

  • Attention to any special needs (allergies, special accommodations)

  • Absolute confidence and discretion

  • Basic supplies (yoga mats, notebooks, “swag”)

  • Unstructured time for spontaneous connection and individual processing

  • Some retreats will include outdoor activities (hiking, running…)

  • Compassionate, well-prepared coaches who meet you where you are

Retreats will take place in Connecticut and in the Washington, DC area, and one multi-day retreat per year will occur at an exotic location (i.e. a beach!). Private events are designed for corporate and other groups upon special request.

Retreat Themes

Successful Women

We are high-functioning, driven women. Perhaps we are corporate executives, medical professionals, lawyers, business leaders. Or (and) perhaps we manage a busy household as moms, corporate wives, military wives. Perhaps we are community leaders, involved in civic organizations, our children’s schools, our faith communities. In many ways, we appear to have it all, and do it well. But perhaps something is missing. It may be our physical health and fitness have been ignored and now we are feeling the toll. Maybe we are sensing that in all of our busyness, we have moved away from a sense of fulfillment. Maybe our mental chatter is keeping us from sleeping well, and we are using alcohol, food, self-sabotaging behaviors to escape feelings of stress, boredom, inadequacy.

Through our retreats, we will help you reconnect with your Inner Self. You are doing an amazing job in so many ways, and now it is your turn to take a break from all of the doing, and return to the BE-ing. You will learn that you are not alone in your struggle, and that no matter what you are feeling, it is normal, and it is temporary. At our retreats, you will learn simple, effective tools to continue to live a full, impactful life, without compromising your sense of integrity or your mental and physical wellness. The world, your workplace, and your family need you to show up as the best you. YOU need to show up as your best you. Let us help you. You are worth it!


Some of us are taking care of children with special needs, while others are in the “sandwich generation” - taking care of children while also tending to ailing parents. Perhaps our spouse or partner has a chronic condition. Being in this role is in many ways a blessing, but it is also an enormous responsibility and source of stress. Depending on the level of care our loved one needs, we may feel burdened by the demands on our time, patience, finances, even love. Some days (months, years) we may be engulfed by fear, overwhelmed by the unknowns and the loss of control. Often, what happens is a loss of connection, as our daily existence can become limited to the tasks we feel must be accomplished to sustain our caregiving role.

You are a superhero, and we want to acknowledge you! We also want to help you continue to do your important, life-sustaining work, if this is what you want to do, or need to do. At our retreats, we will help you feel equipped to show up as your best self, with a renewed sense of purpose and hope. You will learn how to prioritize your self-care so that you are physically, mentally and emotionally strong enough to help your loved ones. You know, deep down, that you need to care for yourself before you can give care to others. Let us help you connect with your energetic, loving, healthy, vibrant self!

Mindful Parenting

We all want what’s best for our kids. We carefully think about the best brand of diapers, organic food, soccer team, gymnastics school, tutors, school system. We monitor their online presence, their friends selection, their grades. We worry about risky behavior, their moods, bullying, amount of screen time, are they getting enough exercise, which supplements should they take, do they need to be medicated, are they happy? It is a challenging time to be a parent, as our children are growing up digitally connected to a world that is still to many of us a trepidatious jungle with many unknowns, especially long-term.

If you feel like your role as a parent has become to feel more like a task-master than as a loving, guiding presence, we are here to tell you we get it! In our retreat, you will learn how your children need you to be grounded and centered. Life is often crazy, and our children need us to role model how to navigate stress. The best thing we can do for them is to learn simple tools to deal with and prevent anxiety, depression, overwhelm, anger, dis-ease. You are your child’s first and primary teacher in the most important life lessons, and we will show you how to care for yourself, which will then have a profound effect on your family.

Healthy Couples


Perhaps you are starting out as a couple, or perhaps you have been married for 2, 10, 30 years. It is never too early, or too late, to learn new tools for connection. Just like us as individuals, as a partnership we evolve. We move through different life stages as parents, as our finances change, our health changes, our social connections change. If we are not intentional about our partnership, we may begin to feel that we are becoming disconnected. Perhaps in our busy lives, we feel like ships passing in the night. Perhaps we are wondering what is missing, as we have lost the initial excitement, sense of fun, deep connection.

We believe it is never too late to reinvigorate our relationships and bring new life and romance to a marriage or partnership. At our retreat, you will learn some simple yet profound ways to tap into the love that initially brought you together. The grass may appear to be greener on the other side, but we will help you fertilize the grass that is already under your feet.



Money is a tool and like it or not, we depend on it for necessities and for a certain lifestyle. For many of us, money is an uncomfortable subject, fraught with emotion. Our stories we hold around money and wealth are built (or thrusted upon us) during childhood, and our current financial situation, like other aspects of our health, is a collection of the choices we have made and beliefs we have internalized throughout the years, often without question.

In our retreat, you will increase your awareness around your relationship with money and will coached on modifying your mindset and attitude in ways that will have a profound impact on your ability to acquire, retain, and grow your wealth. You will learn simple tools, acquire valuable skills, and release your fear around money.

Living With Chronic Conditions

If you have been diagnosed with or in treatment for cancer, autoimmune dis-ease, or other chronic conditions, you may be seeking a safe space for connection. Living with a chronic condition that has profoundly altered your schedule, goals, relationships, and sense of self, can be extremely disorienting, isolating, and anxiety-producing.

At this retreat, you will learn tools to shift your mindset about your “new normal” with the goal of reducing your suffering increasing your ability to live a wholehearted life in spite of your dis-ease.

Clean Up


Do you find yourself doing things (eating, drinking, zoning out on social media, shopping, etc) and feeling guilty and regretful, declaring you won’t do that again - only to do it again? And again? And again? We get it. We know how easy it is to be caught up in a habitual self-destructive loop. We know how frustrating and shameful and lonely it feels. We also know how empowering and freeing it feels once we have stopped the insanity and replaced the bad habits with good ones.

During this retreat, you will learn why you do what you do, and how to create healthy, long-lasting change. This retreat is the reboot you need!

Move It & Fuel Up!


In theory, we know we need to exercise regularly, but in practice- well… We are too busy. We hate working out. We used to work out but got sidelined and now we don’t know where to start. We feel too fat/old/weak - overwhelmed - to start. Maybe we know what we want to do but we have a hard time sticking to a regular routine. Then there’s the food thing. We know what we “should” be eating and avoiding, but that’s another area we are ashamed to admit is something we otherwise badass people are failing in. We get it! And we can help. We are dying to help you!

This retreat will give you the reboot you need! We will help you get out of your rut, and help you achieve clarity around how to best support your wellness in the body you are living in today, while designing a program that will get you into the long-term fitness and wellness you crave and deserve. This is not about quick fixes, the latest trends and crazes. This is not about dieting or 30-day challenges or exercise that puts you at risk. This is about finding that mindful, intentional way to move and fuel your temple. And we will do this with you, so prepare for some fun exercise and some delicious food!

Employers are increasingly becoming aware that happy, healthy, well-adjusted employees, from the C-Suite to the entry level staff, make all the difference in a company’s success. This is one of the reasons Swedish companies build the Swedish custom of Fika into their daily corporate culture. You do not need to be Volvo, though, to recognize the importance of cultivating a corporate culture that encourages meaningful connection and physical wellness. The Fika Retreat Coaches have each worked extensively in both the public and the private sector, in non-profits and for-profits, in small family-owned businesses, publicly-traded companies, as well as solo entrepreneurships. We have spent years in industries ranging from education, IT, international banking, social services, to name a few. We understand the challenges of maximizing productivity, while also maintaining work-life balance (of some sort). Studies show that work satisfaction impacts output and retention. In other words, unhappy staff = increased overall corporate stress.

We can help you! Sensitive to the uniqueness of each company’s mission, goals, and culture, we design retreats customized to your needs. We hold retreats and workshops at your workplace or other designated site, at a time that best suits you. Our mission is to teach your most valuable human assets how to prioritize their wellness, manage stress, and in a nutshell, how to feel their best so they can do their best in all areas of their lives, including at work.

Corporate Wellbeing



We know how important your time is (so is ours!) and have therefore put careful thought into providing the best value for your money, but also for your precious time. When you register for an Awaken Connections Retreat, or series of retreats, you are guaranteed the following, in addition to the actual retreat experience:

  • Access to a private online forum where you may continue to interact with other retreat participants and with the coaches for ongoing accountability, support and inspiration

  • Membership to a community of retreat participants and coaches who are on a similar journey of personal growth and wellness

  • Access to registration to upcoming events before they become open to the general public

  • Special discounts to events and other offerings as they become available


Registration fees:

  • Partial Day Retreat (9:00a-2:00pm) is $350 unless otherwise noted

  • Full Day Retreat (9:00am-5:00pm) is $550

  • Multi-Day Retreat varies per location

  • Off-Site Retreat varies per location and event type, to be determined with private booking clients

We want to help you to be the best parent, professional, athlete, human being you can be. When you invest in yourself, with your time and other resources, your body, heart and soul will thank you.