A Safe Space to Reconnect

Fika Retreats came to be when a few friends had the sudden realization that, individually, they had each been dreaming of designing and leading retreats. Each woman has lived (and in some cases continues to live) through the beauty and the struggles of parenting, decades-long marriage, caregiving for ailing parents, moving through grief, leading organizations, divorce, cancer, parenting children with chronic conditions, addiction, childhood trauma, financial crisis... Each woman, warrior, has overcome, and continues to walk through, the ups and downs that characterize life on earth. We believe that struggle is inevitable, and in many ways a blessing, as it is how we build resilience. It is how we connect. We connect to a network when we ask for help. We connect to our purpose when we use our strength, experience, and hope to help someone else.

“Fika” is a Swedish word that, in a nutshell, means getting together for coffee (or tea), a yummy treat, and fellowship. It is a part of most Swedes’ daily living, and many companies (including Volvo) make it a standard part of their day. How cool is it that a country’s culture, in today’s super busy, super fast pace, still prioritizes connection? If you think about it, it makes sense - when you Fika, you hit the pause button on your productivity and nurture meaningful, in-person connection. You refresh your brain, get some laughs, indulge in some pleasure. And then you go back to work, or chores, or whatever your typical day involves, refreshed from this ritual.

We don’t live in Sweden, and only one of us speaks Swedish, but we do know a lot about the longing we all have for meaningful connection, which is, in today’s world, for so many of us, unfulfilled. It is our deepest hope that in this safe space we have created, through our in-person retreats, our private online groups, our workshops and other offerings, you begin to awaken, and re-awaken, connections you may have lost or never have made before. We are committed to providing top-quality coaching throughout our offerings, guiding our clients through a life-changing transformation.

Our Team


Raiza Arnone

A Cuban refugee who built a life in this country primarily as a result of incredible coaches and mentors, Raiza has made it her life’s mission to help others help themselves be all they were created to be. She combines her own lived experience with learning acquired through her formal training in Positive Psychology and as a Wellness Coach, to help her clients live fully engaged, intentional lives that have meaning and wellbeing. With more than 20 years’ experience in leadership, mentoring and teaching, Raiza works with individuals who desire to turn adversity into triumph and challenges into empowerment. Her approach is centered on being proactive by working with clients to design a lifestyle that supports their body, mind and soul.  She helps clients build better lives.

Raiza leads with integrity and walks the walk. She wakes up at an uncivilized hour every morning to hit the gym, prioritizes preparing healthy meals every day, and plays an active role in community non-profits and in her church. Committed to always learning and growing, Raiza has set an intention to diving into two new things each year which challenge and stretch her mind and body: advanced education, learning to golf, running her first half marathon after 50, and activities involving heights are just a few! Raiza has been married to a Sicilian from Idaho for almost 25 years, and has emptied her nest of 6 children!

Learn more about Raiza at: www.LifeOnLifeCoaching.com


Marni Baggett

As a practicing Accountant, Marni is passionate about financial wellness and has coached numerous people out of soul-crushing debt and into good financial stewardship. She has discovered in her own life and while coaching others, that knowing where your money is going and making it work for you are the first steps to financial freedom. Aware of the discomfort many, especially women, have around money, Marni helps her clients transform their fear-based attitude toward money into one of empowered gratitude. With a special gift for connecting with young adults, Marni has mentored youth in various capacities for over 30 years.  The common thread of her coaching and mentoring is reinforcing within people the knowledge that they are loved, valued, and have a unique purpose. Marni has been married since 1992 to her college sweetheart and together they have steered two children into college (avoiding the student loan trap!).

Marni is passionate about friendship and connection and fully believes we are designed for an abundant life and to thrive in community. She loves to read, run (that’s Susanne’s fault), talk (Carrie taught her about the “thought bubble”), and go to NYC (especially with Raiza).  She also loves live music and has the gift of organization (a nice way to say she’s seeking recovery as a control freak).

Connect with Marni at: marnibaggs@gmail.com


Susanne Navas

Susanne coaches individual clients as well as groups to lead a physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy and purposeful life.  As a Certified Life Coach, Yoga Instructor, Recovery Coach and USA Triathlon Coach, Susanne helps clients get out of their rut and reach their goals. Whether it’s to run their first 5k or marathon, gain fitness and feel their best, or get out of a mental, emotional, relationship or professional slump, she helps her clients design a life where thriving is their default setting.  Susanne doesn't believe in quick fixes and instead encourages clients to embrace positive daily steps that lead to life-long health-sustaining habits. She has created successful mind-body-wellness programs for youth and has been invited as a keynote speaker for corporate, wellness, and high school audiences.

Susanne believes that at the root of most if not all dis-ease, is a profound disconnect. This disconnect is with the body, with meaningful, authentic relationships, with purposeful activity and contribution, with sleep and rest, with real, whole food, with a sense that there is a power greater than our own individual being. Because she believes that a leader must go first, she shows up every day, doing the next right thing, one day at a time (while remembering the phrase, “progress, not perfection…”). As a result, she has finished two Ironman triathlons, numerous marathons and other distance running & multisport events, hasn’t had a drop of alcohol since December 2015, consumes mostly plants, has been married since 1997 to a super sexy man, and continues to embarrass two now-teenaged children.

Learn more about Susanne at www.TheRebootCoach.net